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Pension Freedom - Cash, Annuity or Drawdown? That is the question!

Converting a pension pot into cash or income, after the age of 55, involves making one of the most important and difficult decisions in personal finance because it effects the amount of income, flexibility and risk throughout retirement.

This site provides information, tools and resources to help individual clients and professional advisers make the right annuity or drawdown decisions. The site is run by well known expert Billy Burrows

Your RIQ (advice for clients)

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Get help, information or financial advice if you are converting your pension pot into cash and income.

Adviser RIQ (Resources for advisers)

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Information and resources for advisers who want to go the extra mile and give their clients the best possible retirement advice.

Annuity rates, charts and drawdown calculators

Annuity Rates and calculators

Latest annuity best buy tables and quick quotes

Rates are updated regularly

Interactive charts

Unique annuity charts with data going back 20 years

As seen in the media

Drawdown illustrator

Illustrate different drawdown scenarios

Select income and investment returns

Free guide

You and Your Pension Pot

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