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Confucius and My Retirement Toolbox

Pensions are a serious business to misquote Jane Austen*.

If you take an interest in your pensions and save enough money into your pension pots and make the right decisions you will be able to retire with peace of mind and financial security.

But if you bury your head in the sand and don’t take an interest in your pensions and make the wrong decisions you may regret this in later life.

So, how do I get you to take more interest in your pensions so you will make better decisions?


The answer can be found in the famous saying attributed to Confucius:

  • Tell me something and I will forget it
  • Show me something and I will remember it
  • Involve me with something and I will understand it

In my experience, most people are savvy about the things they understand (e.g. how to get a pay rise) but they don’t take much interest in things they don’t understand (e.g. making the most of their pensions).

So, the more you understand the more likely you are to become a savvier person.

Get retirement savvy

It pays to be retirement savvy because you will:

    • Plan for a better retirement
    • Make better investment decisions
    • Choose the right annuity or drawdown options
    • Arrange a valid will and Lasting Powers of Attorney

Dull and boring

It is no use kidding ourselves that all we have to do is educate you about the importance of pensions for you to start paying more attention. Let’s face it, reading and learning about pensions can be dull and boring and is probably not going to get you excited about pensions.

But, if I can find a more interesting way of getting you involved with your pension so you will understand the difference it can make to your life when you retire you should find this more exciting and beneficial.

Get involved with My Retirement Toolbox

This is exactly what My Retirement Toolbox does; it makes pensions and retirement planning more interesting and exciting by creating a safe and secure place where you can:

      • Read and learn
      • Watch and listen
      • Use our calculators and charts
      • Ask questions and get answers
      • keep up-to-date with news and information

I have put into the Retirement Toolbox all of the acclaimed guides I have written, the videos and podcasts I have recorded during lockdown as well as all of my unique annuity and drawdown calculators and charts.

You can open and use the toolbox without charge or commitment and there are no strings attached.

Help and advice from real people

My Retirement Toolbox is more than just an online collection of resources because at any time you can speak to a real person (that includes me) who will be pleased to give you help or advice about any aspect of your pension or retirement planning.

What’s the catch?

You may be wondering what is the catch? There is no catch, I am just passionate about helping people get the most from their pensions and making the right decisions about conversing their pension pots into cash and income.

However, there is an incentive to get financial advice.

Financial advice

The more you understand about your pensions the more you will realise that you owe to yourself to get financial advice as it is simply too difficult to make the right decisions without specialist financial advice.

When the time is right, I hope you will ask me to help you make the right decisions and give you financial advice.

Watch my video explaining about My Retirement Toolbox

* Jane Austen actually said; an annuity is a serious business.

William Burrows

About the author

William Burrows

William has been involved with retirement options for nearly 30 years, advising clients on all aspects of annuities and retirement income options.

He is a regulated adviser with Eadon & Co He has have many years of practical experience in advising clients about all aspects of pension options at retirement and he is passionate about helping people make the right decisions about their pensions and retirement income.

William also publishes guides including the popular ‘You and Your Pension Pot’ and ‘The Retirement Journey’.

He is frequently quoted in the national press and appears on radio, podcasts and videos and writes extensively on retirement income matters.

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