Help, Guidance and Advice

If you are considering converting your pension pot into cash or income and you will be about to make a very important financial decision so you should get expert help.

What you do next depends on what you want to do and when you want to do it. If you simply want information about your pension pot you could start by talking to your pension company.

If you want generic information about your options without the need for a specific recommendation you could take advantage of a guidance session with Pension Wise.

If you want to know which options are most suitable for your circumstances or an in-depth review of your pension arrangements you should contact a financial adviser.

The table below summaries the services provided by each of these:


Get advice

I have been involved with pension income options (the new name for annuities and drawdown) for over 25 years. During that time I have helped many clients make the best possible decisions when converting their pension pots into tax free cash and income.

I am passionate about helping people make the right decisions when they retire. As I do not personally give financial advice at the moment, I work with a trusted financial adviser, Tim Eadon of Tuto Associates, who can give you expert advice.

Tim Eadon is a Chartered Financial Planner and for many years we both worked together running one of the country’s most respected annuity and drawdown advisers.

In case you are wondering, Tuto means; “One who is righteous, just and fair”.

Tuto Associates

Tuto is a trading style of Tuto Associates Limited. Tuto Associates Limited is an Appointed Representative of Tuto Money Limited. Tuto Money Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Working with new clients and fees

I make no charge for an introduction to Tim Eadon and Tuto will provide you with their standard terms of business and explain how they work with new clients and how fees are charged. Normally there are no fees for an initial consultation.

In some cases Tuto Associates may a pay an introductory fee to William Burrows and where this is the case, for complete transparency, this will be fully disclosed.

Considering advice

If you are considering advice, please give some brief details below and I will reply with some general comments and explain how the advice process will work.

There is no charge or commitment at this stage.

You can also contact me direct on - 07730 435657 or complete the form below

If you have a question please leave a short note and contact number and we will contact you. This form will be sent to William Burrows** and is strictly confidential.

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** I am not registered to give regulated advice but I am happy to answer any general questions.