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Key Issues

If you are serious about arranging the best annuity for your personal circumstances you must ask yourself three key questions:

3 Key Questions
  • Do you understand all the key issues?
  • Have you followed the 3 Golden Rules of annuities?
  • Will you be getting the best possible deal – i.e. highest income / competitive fees?

Do you understand all the key issues?

Hopefully you don’t need a lecture on pension freedoms because most people should know about the options. But, if you want to re-cap please see my pages about annuities and about drawdown.

However, before you make an important decision you should make sure you understand (or your broker or financial adviser explains) some basic retirement planning issues. These include:

  • What are your objectives e.g. maximising your lifetime income, maximising potential inheritance for your family or finding peace of mind and security
  • How much investment risk are you willing or able to take? e.g. take too little risk and you get financial security but low returns but take too much risk and even though you may get high returns you stand to lose a lot.
  • What are worried about the most? e.g. risk of dying without getting the most from your pension pot, the risk of running short of income (inflation!) or even running out of income

I am not trying to make it complicated, just highlighting some of the important issues you should think about.

If you want a guaranteed income for life with peace of mind and security and you don't want to take any undue risks, an annuity is for

In my experience, once people start thinking seriously about their pensions and retirment income, it is easy to go round in circles because there are so many different things to worry about.

Only a good financial adviser (not a website or commission only broker) can advise what is the best solution for your personal circumstances and stop you going round in circles.

Have you followed the 3 Golden Rules of annuities?

As a regulated financial adviser I must give independent and unbiased advice to clients and in addition to the many rules and regulations which advisers must follow, I have developed my own three Golden Rules:

Golden Rules

  • Work out when is the right time to purchase an annuity
  • Don't forget to take your spouse or partner into consideration and what about inflation
  • Make sure you have considered all the relevant options

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